Out of Limits 

• Out of Limits: Rules 27-1, The stakes and white posts, edges of the ways painted with lines or white points and walls that surround the field.

Area in repair 

• Area in repair (T.E.R or G.U.R.): Rules 25-1. Areas marked with blue stakes or blue/white lines

Accidental water 

. Accidental water: it will be possible to mark, to clean and dropper the ball in the streets when exists water evidences in the stance. In rough will have to be drooped.
The bunkers that present accidental water will be considered to be an integral part of the tour, for what it will be possible to drop out of the same ones in the most nearby point of relief without gaining distance to the hole.

Irremovable Obstructions 

. Irremovable Obstructions: Rules 24-2 All the ways, deep rolling of it would machinate, walls of the outlets constructed artificially inside the field, and all the components of the system of irrigation including the fixed water-sprinklers; all the brands (marks) of exit of all the holes, the signs of signposting of water obstacles and areas in repair and the indicators of distance and direction .
Equally will be considered to be irremovable obstructions all the trees, shrubs or gardens that should be expressly put up signs by a blue brand (mark). As well as the trees newly planted, be or not put up signs.


Water obstacles
The obstacles of lateral water are marked by stakes or red painting; those of frontal water with stakes or yellow painting.

Provisional Ball
For major agility in the game in case there exists a reasonable doubt of missed credit the ball in any part of the field exempting the water obstacles play a provisional ball.

Relieve for ball Fixed in his own (proper) impact; To clean the Ball
In the tour, a ball fixed in his own impact in the tour, with the exception of the bunkers, can be marked, raised without punishment cleaned and dropped so nearby as be possible wherefrom I was resting, but not more near the hole.

Dropp Zone 

Dropp Zone: Hole 13. For the water hazard (optional)
Bunkers: The stones may be removed
There are no protected trees

Winter rules 

Winter rules: A ball that rests in the tour in a zone of lawn reaped to evenness can be marked, raised without punishment cleaned and placed to the distance of a stick not more near the hole.